Kitchen Reno: Part 2

Friday, March 23, 2018

Welcome back, y'all!  Shall we get rid of that ugly kitchen from yesterday's Part 1 post?  Please keep in mind that it gets much worse, before it gets better, as well as the fact that I am not a kitchen designer.  I do, however, know what I like and trust that any future buyers will be pleased with my neutral choices.  Over the last 13 years, we've talked circles around different footprints; but ultimately, we came right back to where we started.  We're working with a number of entrances/exits that could not be moved, without major reconstruction, due to the location of our stairwells, as well as the desire to seat our whole family around one big table, not to mention a budget.  With that said, we started getting rid of those nasty, upper cupboards...
and moved on to the soffit.  The corner, can light was so far away from the counter-top that any and all prep work was shadowed by my very own head.  I cannot tell you how frustrating that has been over the years.  Ugh!  So, it had to be moved, as well as replaced for a brighter, LED, daylight option.  We had a secondary, can light near the sink; but I wanted a pennant centered over the sink.  I love this photo, because you can see that the popcorn ceiling has already been partially scraped.
We also needed to add outlets for the microwave that will be relocated to above the stove, as well as the dishwasher.  So, while we were playing with electricity AND because I'm painting those walls white, we swapped all the outlets, switches, and covers from almond to white.
Then, those lower cabinets came out.  YUCK!  All that insulation, as well as sheet-rock, behind the sink had to be replaced; but while it may not look so good in this photo, the underlayment was in excellent condition, which was a HUGE win for the team!
In addition to moving all those electrical components above, we also had to relocate the sink vent from inside the soffit, as well as taking up tons of room in the lower, sink cabinet (See above.), into the wall.  Even though I still had a couple of layers of sanding and mudding to go, doesn't this look a ton better?  Again, I'm super excited about the cupboard space we're gaining by getting rid of that soffit.  Woohoo!  We also added lots of new insulation into the attic and walls, while we had easy access.
Then, we were on to applying a knockdown ceiling texture.  My dad, as well as a hired contractor, did the other ceilings in our home; but I thought it looked totally doable.  So, we bought what supplies we didn't already own and went to work.  The best part about the finished product is that you can't even tell which ceiling was done by me and which ones were hired out.  Woot!  Woot!
Here I am just doing some cleaning up; but I love that you can see what we did with that sink area behind the plastic, as well as how well that underlayment cleaned up.
Next, we turned those walls, as well as the ceiling, white.  No, you won't see behind the cupboards or beadboard treatments we have planned; but those walls needed a fresh start.  My hubby and I were pretty wrapped up in looking after the kids and painting all at once, that we forgot to snap a photo of our painting efforts; but Ezekiel got this one of me cleaning up the floors afterward.
Our plan was to lay a floating floor right over the linoleum, since the hardwood floors, found throughout the bulk of our home, had been removed somewhere along the line; however, the new flooring raised the existing floor enough that it created issues with the sliding door leading to the back porch.  We were also concerned about stubbed toes leading from the original, hardwood floors into the kitchen itself.  So, my hubby painstakingly removed every last bit of the linoleum.  I'm still so, SO sad that there weren't hardwood floors under there.  Sniff.  Sniff.
Before we moved in, the previous homeowners had converted the single-car garage into a bedroom with a half bath, as well as what we call the library.  (They called it a dining room, but it doesn't even connect to the kitchen and is simply too small for a respectable table.)  We replaced the flooring in those areas, just over four years ago, with a floating, cork floor that we love to bits and pieces.  So, naturally, we chose to carry that same flooring into the new kitchen.  I love that it's easy to install; durable; narrows down the variety of flooring, found throughout our 926 square feet, from five to three; compliments the original hardwoods; is super soft under bare toes; and hides dirt magnificently ;).  Another win for the team!
We were finishing that floor at about one o'clock in the morning, but check out how bright it was thanks to my new lighting.
Cabinets are next on the agenda.  We've had a few setbacks, in that area, with what was sent to us versus what we ordered.  Ugh!  The ones that are correct are stunning and just what I imagined.  Fortunately, none of the mistakes were made in the lower cabinetry; so, counter-tops can now be measured for and ordered.  We're getting there.  Stay tuned!  Thanks so much for checking on us, and have a terrific weekend, friends!  Hugs!

Kitchen Reno: Part 1

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Morning, y'all!  I promised a few pics of our home, kitchen, renovation project earlier this week, and I'm here today to deliver.  My kitchen is an approximately 12' x 12' space, which, other than a coat of paint and a few minor fixes, is the same space we've been living in for the last nearly 13 years.  I never dreamed it would still look like this today, when we moved in way back then; but life hasn't been very kind to us, and we've continually had to filter our finances into other places.  Even today, this whole remodel is stretching us daily; but we never quit dreaming along the way and are thrilled to see what's taking place, even if we're still having to make a few concessions.  With that said, let's kick things off with a sort of 360 of what we're working with.
You can get a peek of our bedroom in the background through that hallway.  Further to the left is a linen closet, Adina and Kaden's room, and our full bath.
That arch is just to the right or our bedroom.  It leads to the living room, and immediately to the right of that framed print is the staircase to where all my papercraft magic happens in the loft.
Ezekiel's bedroom is enclosed in those blue walls in the background here.  He has a secondary entrance, behind that closed door, from the library; and the staircase to the basement is straight across from the open door, behind the pantry.
Now, how about we get a little up-close-and-personal with those cupboards.  I totally would've painted them years ago, but I thought they'd be gone within the first year of our living here.
They're crumbling inside; and really scrubbing them on the outside takes the finish right off.  Grrr!  Oh, and the bottoms fall out of at least half my drawers.  The counter-tops leave much to be desired.  Fortunately, though, you can't see the wear and tear too badly in these pics.  The little one isn't even attached to anything and lifts right off.  I do really love my stove, though ;).
Now, about that sink... Aaah!  I hate drop-in sinks!  They are just pure silliness, not to mention that mine has never been completely coated with enamel, and the hard water has done a number on the faucet we replaced years ago.  I don't remember if that sprayer ever worked.
The window has to stay that size; however, it is getting replaced with a newer model that actually opens.  It's one of our big-ticket items still out on order.  I didn't even take away our drying rack, loaded with dishes, for these pics.  It's ALWAYS there.  The new kitchen will have a dishwasher.  Somebody pinch me!
The sliding doors are staying.  In my dreams, they'd be replaced with French doors.  That's one of our concessions and a pretty easy fix when the budget does allow for such.  The trim, however, is getting updated to match the rest of the house.  Our sweet bunny lives here by the backdoor; and she's ever so happy there, coming and going as she pleases.
Her favorite spot is right here on the rug with her kennel behind her.
I love my kitchen table.  It's not going anywhere...
but the popcorn ceiling and outdated fan above it have got to go.  Oh, and that light bulb isn't burnt out.  You just have to fiddle with it and fiddle with it AND fiddle with it to get it to turn on.
The floor beneath is leaving, too.  Woot!  Woot!
I designed and my hubby built this shelf for me just a few months ago.  I then painted, distressed, and coated it with polyurethane before adding those fun hooks.  It's coming right back into the new kitchen.  I LOVE it!
I know my command center isn't very pretty; but being a homeschool family means a lot of paperwork.  This method works for us; so, it's coming back.  However, the microwave is being relocated to above the stove; and I'm still looking for a colorful cupboard to house our everyday school curriculum.  I thought that I had found one but was super disappointed with its construction; so, it was returned.  The current drawers, seen above, are useless.  I just had them lying around not being used and needed a home for our current microwave, which I've had since my college days.  My hubby has fixed it numerous times, but it's still kicking.
This cupboard houses more pantry staples than I ever thought it could possibly hold.  It's built into the wall and staying simply because it's functional and doesn't take up any square footage.  It is getting a coat of white paint and a bit of a redesign, however.  Stay tuned.  Oh, and the rooster is going.  He dates the look a bit AND got broken during the messy, construction phase, which I'm thrilled to say is now behind us.
Our time-out chair will probably find a new home.  Ezekiel responded better to being sent to his room to get his act together.  Kaden is a screamer, so we prefer him behind a closed door during his time-outs; and while it worked like a charm with Adina, she has outgrown it.  Needless to say, it isn't getting much use nowadays.
We took off the doors to this cabinet above the fridge.  It gave me easier access to my cookbooks.  The vintage, picnic basket holds all of my gorp and Chex mix ingredients, as well as anything I want my family to forget we have in the kitchen (i.e. M&M's); but it's on to bigger and better things, as it is being replaced with a refrigerator depth cabinet.  That soffit is going bye-bye, too.  Just imagine all the storage we're going to gain in that space.
There's the low-down, friends; and just so that I don't completely overwhelm you with pics, I'll pop back in tomorrow to share the disaster that became of this place over the last couple of weeks.  Until then, thanks so much for visiting.  Have a blessed day!

Pretty Little Studio: Something to Be Thankful for

Monday, March 19, 2018

Welcome to the work week, y'all!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends.  Mine was filled with more home improvements, but our kitchen is finally starting to take shape.  There are a couple of big ticket items on order until the end of the month, which puts some finishing touches on hold until they can be installed; but I'm hoping to get to spend most of April in my brand new kitchen.  I'll share a few pics later this week, if you'd like to stop by and take a peek at what we've been up to.  With that out of the way, I'm here today to share a card that I made using Maryam Perez's very first collection over at Pretty Little Studio, Sweet Life.  It happens to be up on the blog this evening; and I wanted to share it here, too.  Enjoy!
I started this card by framing the playful, yellow, Adventure print with a piece of Leaves patterned paper.  Before anchoring them together with bright-pink-threaded, straight, machine stitching, I tucked a Cupcake Party Die Cut tab between the two layers and topped it with a "hello love" Hello, Hello Pink Word Sticker.
I then wrapped the entire thing with a length of Strawberry seam binding ribbon, tied in a double bow and embellished with a length of white string, tied in a bow, as well as a lone pearl.
The "there is always something to be thankful for." Life Is Beautiful Die-Cut sentiment was backed with a Flower Garden Die Cut, as well as a snippet of cheesecloth for additional texture.  The whole lot was adhered, with foam tape, in the center of the card face, before popping the entire prepped piece up, with more foam tape, in the center of the white, cardstock, card face.
Glossy accents was used, on the hearts, to give the sentiment die cut both shine and dimension; and a couple of Flower Garden Die-Cut butterflies, adhered just as their centers, complete the look.
Further inspiration for this card came from the gorgeous blooms and scrumptious, spring colors in Inspired by All the Little Things' Challenge #82.
Thanks so much for visiting!  Have a wonderful week, friends!

{Supplies & Tools}
Paper: white (Paper Studio); Sweet Life: 6x8 Paper Pack (PLS) Other: bright pink thread (Coats & Clark); sewing machine (Janome); foam tape (Scrapbook Adhesives); cheesecloth (Dritz); pearl (Paper Studio); white string (Hobby Lobby); Glossy Accents (Ranger); Strawberry seam binding ribbon (Paper Sweeties); Sweet Life: Cupcake Party Die Cut, Flower Garden Die Cuts, Life Is Beautiful Die Cut, & Hello, Hello Pink Word Sticker (PLS)

Paper Sweeties March Blast from the Past: Day 3

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hello, again, y'all!  Just popping back in for one final look at Paper Sweeties' March Blast from the Past series.  Seeing as how I love to scrapbook and all, I thought it would be fun to showcase a trio of layouts today.  And just as in the previous, two days, each creation is linked to its original post for all the closeup shots, details, and supplies used in its making.  Just click on it and enjoy!
That first one spans back as far as October of 2014.  From the simple title and festive prints to the textural trimmings and stamped trees, I love so many things about that page, including my handsome hubby.  I'm drawn to the combination of stenciled; stamped; and hand-cut, printed flowers, as well as the reminder that the lonely place under my kiddos swing set could sure use a little sprucing up again this spring, of this second page.
The way the photos create a layered, birthday cake puts this third and final page into a category all its own.  I have a January birthday.  So, the addition of snowflakes was a must; but I also picked my favorite palette to showcase all the Paper Sweeties goodness you see here.  Be sure to stop by the original post for this one, too; as I created a coordinating card with all the leftover goodies.
That does it for this month, folks; but we'll all be back again the same time next month with something wonderful, as always, from Paper Sweeties.  Thanks so much for all your visits and comments!  Have a truly fantastic weekend!  Mwah!

Debbie Marcinkiewicz – Paper Sweeties
Michelle Bala
Nancy Salkeld

Paper Sweeties March Blast from the Past: Day 2

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Welcome back, y'all!  I've got three cards to share today in continuation of Paper Sweeties' March Blast from the Past series.  They were all created during the spring and summer of 2016.  And just as a reminder, they are all linked to their original posts for all the closeup shots, details, and supplies used in their making.  Just click on them and enjoy!
That first number was custom-created, with red tennies and all, for my brother-in-law and his new wife.  I still love it to bits and pieces, especially the embossed background.  My favorite part about this second card is, hands-down, the color palette; but I also adore all those scrumptious prints.
And this final number simply makes me smile for the treasured place the 4th of July holiday holds in my heart.  Those shiny stars and fabulous textures don't hurt, either.
I hope to see you back, at the same time and place, tomorrow for one more day of Blast from the Past goodness.  In the meantime, be sure to pop in to visit the rest of this talented team.  Thanks, as always, for humbling me with a visit!  Have a blessed day, Paper Sweeties friends!

Debbie Marcinkiewicz – Paper Sweeties
Jinny Newlin
Michelle Bala
Nancy Salkeld